Pacific One Medical is the exclusive Australian supplier for the BPro Wearable Solution for use in cardiology departments and clinics. BPro provides a 24 hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurement which provides improved patient comfort and a comprehensive BP report for the clinician.

The BPro  is worn on the wrist and measures blood pressure over a 24 hour period by capturing arterial waveform data.

The BPro is:

  • Cuff-less
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • TGA approved 
  • Non-disruptive 
  • Clinically validated

Clinician Advantages:

  • Accurate diagnosis of hypertensive patients
  • Improved collection of patient BP data, especially at night
  • Fast easy in-the-clinic generation of 24-hour BP report
  • Comprehensive report covers
    • Systolic and Diastolic BP
    • Heart rate
    • Central Aortic Systolic Pressure (CASP)
    • 24 hour BP patterns
    • Day and night systolic pressure load
    • Nigh time percent dip

Patient Advantages:

  • More comfortable to wear than a 24 hour arm cuff monitor
  • No sleep disturbance or disruption
  • Wear your normal clothes
  • No bulky monitor to carry around
  • Observe your own waveform
  • Shower with the BPro using the showerproof cover

Innovative Device Design

The BPro is designed to provide a constant pressure and a constant force of applanation on the radial artery, allowing the sensor to capture radial waveform data.

For a demonstration on the fantastic new BPro contact Pacific One Medical.